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wtorek, 26 lutego 2013

Facebook Password Hack

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This is the new generation of Facebook Passwords Hack. It's finally working and released for the public for free. If you have any problems with the software you can either send a Private Message here on youtube or comment on my video.

Our hacks are a safe and secure way to make life easer. Facebook Password Hack is a tool to hack Facebook accounts. You can now hack facebook with this free online password hacker. It works instantly to hack a facebook account. It's really simple to use, safe and super fast.

Just use the tool and let our automated system hack facebook for you, it's as easy as that! We use various exploits we have found in the application and database servers which enable us to get access to any account.

It's look like this

We use this method combined with a technique known as brute force. The system will process thousands of common password variations of keywords on their profile page. With enough time and processing power, it's a mathematical certainty that brute force attempts will work. Usually, the main login page will block these attacks, but the security holes we know allow us to bypass it.

All what u need is victim's ID or username and email. Example video with instructions you can see here.
I said ID or username because both works perfectly.

It's completely for free.

If you need help with anything else, contact us today and we'll be pleased to assist you.

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